Collection: SECURITY

The company Méditerranée Protection offers all possible services in terms of private security.
Its function is to ensure the safety of movable and immovable property as well as that of people.
which are directly or indirectly linked to the security of these goods (art. 1 of law 83-629).
Its work mainly consists of reception and access control missions, surveillance rounds,
monitoring compliance with site safety instructions, first emergency intervention,
alerting and guiding rescue teams, writing event or activity reports
-Reception and information
-General site monitoring
-Basic technical security
-Rescue and assistance to people
-Protection and alert in the event of an accident or exceptional event
Its interventions are carried out in compliance with legislative provisions.
and regulations applicable to private security activity.
Holder of the SSIAP, he ensures fire prevention and safety in establishments
receiving from the public (ERP) and high-rise buildings (IGH).
Its missions are:
-Fire prevention
- Raising awareness among site employees regarding fire safety
-Basic maintenance of means contributing to fire safety
-Alert and reception of emergency services
-Evacuation of the public
- Early intervention in the face of fires
- Assistance to people
Different agents qualified according to specific legislation, with great professional know-how
are at your disposal to secure your event.
Its missions are:
-Control access and circulation of the event
-Welcome and guide the customer
-Monitor and secure the installations
-Manage crowd movements, panic or any other conflict
- Provide first aid and emergency procedures
He is a security agent who participates in surveillance work,
in establishments open to the public whose exclusive activity is sales,
in order to prevent theft and malicious acts.
Its activity is carried out inside the establishment and stores. Its missions are:
-Fight against shrinkage by identifying individuals suspected of theft
-Search for any clue likely to provide information on behavior
fraudulent of people present on the sales floor
Notify the agent of individuals spotted
Confirm the alleged criminal act to the officer
Write a report of your findings on the documents provided for this purpose
It operates mainly in stores, supermarkets and supermarkets.
Surveillance rounds, control and surveillance of determined sites and perimeters
such as car parks, warehouses, marquees and any other areas under his care.
Intervention at the request of authorized personnel or on alarms to remove doubts.
Inform the competent services and/or the persons designated to put an end to the problem in question.
Detection of the presence of a person, objects, products that could be detrimental to the safety of property and people.